Use The Psychographics to find your audience
Written by Grimaud Bouveret on Feb. 13th 2020
The psychographics are a fascinating tool to find your audience as a brand / artist
The War of Art
Written by Grimaud Bouveret on Feb. 11th 2020
Steven Pressfield wrote a very important book about how to handle Resistance / the Persona and start creating your art and the life that you want
The 12 Archetypes
Written by Grimaud Bouveret on Oct. 6th 2015
Branding and advertising are as old as the time we cannot even fathom to go back to. They’re as important for getting hired as cracking the interview. They’re based on trust, context, and understanding of the future, combined with an affinity for data and consumer behavior.

As the marketing genius, Peter Drucker said,

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